About White Horse Support

And a little bit about me too!

An Introduction

I started riding as a child and have never looked back! I have experience in showing with a previous ride, Charlie (as pictured bottom right), owned by Kelly Barnard, and have a real passion for Dressage. However that doesn’t mean I’d say no to having a blast at Cross Country again!  I enjoy working with horses with “personality” and progressing through their quirks. I often feel that they are the most rewarding rides when it all comes together.

I work with clients towards their own personal goals and ambitions and always want to bring out the best in horse and rider. I am UKCC level 2 and BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship (BHSAI) qualified. I train regularly to ensure I am up to date with the industry and can always offer my clients the absolute best. When horses are involved, we are always learning!

I have previously worked as a Work Based Assessor training students towards Levels 1-3 in Horse Care (BHS Stage equivalents) and found it very rewarding helping them progress through their training and watching them grow within their workplaces. I also love to help out with Dressage competitions as a "Writer" for the judge. I find this gives a great insight into what each judge is looking for from each partnership and also how differently we can all interpret the same test! Sadly I don't get so much time for this now but would love to get back into it soon. 

I have experience working with adults and children and with a real variety of horses both as a rider and instructor and love a challenge. I agree aims and targets with each client and work towards those in fun and enjoyable sessions that are tailored to each individual. I have been teaching for the past few years and love the variety and freedom that working as freelance brings.

No 2 days are ever the same!

My mission

I started up White Horse Support in June 2017 whilst working as Groom and Rider for Kyrby Brown, Para Dressage Rider. This role ended in December 2017 and I took the leap to full time Self Employment at the beginning of 2018. Already I cannot believe how much my business and client base has grown and hope that this will continue going forward. 

It is my mission to become the instructors that I have looked up to. I am inspired by riders and owners that have had to overcome their own challenges to achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. I owe my current successes to a handful of instructors that have taken me under their wings over the years and pushed me to become the rider and coach I am today. 

I strive to be the best that I can be and always aim to pass this on to my clients. I love the proud feeling I get from watching clients achieve their dreams, whether they be competition results or their own personal successes. 

My aim is for White Horse Support & my name to become "household names" within the equine industry in Essex. I hope to achieve this through believing in my clients, supporting local competitions & events and continuing in my own education and qualifications.